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NHS treatment

Pure Orthodontics Nottingham offers NHS treatment for children

NHS Treatments Nottingham, Children dentist Nottingham, NHS Braces Nottingham


We can only accept NHS patients on referral from their dentist.

We have forged excellent relationships with dentists across the East Midlands who refer children in their care to us for their orthodontic treatment.

The NHS provides orthodontic treatment for children under 18 for health, not cosmetic reasons. Young people with moderate to severe crowding, protruding, irregular or buried teeth may be eligible, as may those with missing teeth where gaps need to be closed. If your child is eligible, then treatment on the NHS is free of charge. However, if your appliance is lost or damaged there will be a charge for replacing it.

The type of brace your child will have will depend on the severity of their problem. We can brighten metal braces with coloured elastics. Orthodontists are only able to treat a certain number of patients each year with the NHS funding we receive and this can lead to waiting times. There is currently a waiting list for treatment and we will inform you of this at your assessment. We will do all we can to see your child as quickly as possible. Important information from the NHS about current orthodontic waiting times for treatment in the Midlands is available here

Qualifying for NHS orthodontic treatment – find out more

Affordable braces and finance options

Should your child not be eligible for treatment on the NHS, we have a wide range of sensibly priced orthodontic appliances available and offer finance options to help spread the cost. Private patients can be self-referred or referred by their dentist.

Your first appointment

Before your child's first appointment, you will receive a medical history form that also requests your contact details. We ask patients to bring their completed medical form and ID, such as a birth certificate, as this is an NHS requirement. Their initial assessment will be with our orthodontic specialist and we will discuss what happens next in plain and simple language.

We may conclude that:

  • it is too early for treatment and we will arrange to reassess in the future.
  • your child's dental health is not good enough for treatment, in which case we will work with your dentist to correct this and reassess when this has improved.
  • your child is ready for treatment. Treatment options will be explained and if you wish to go ahead then we will tell you what happens next. We will also inform you of the length of our current NHS waiting list, which may be in excess of 12 months.
  • your child's problems are not severe enough to qualify for NHS treatment. We will explain why they are not eligible and discuss options for treatment on a private basis.

NHS Treatments Nottingham, Children dentist Nottingham, NHS Braces Nottingham

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