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Removable braces

Removable braces from Pure Orthodontics Nottingham

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As the name suggests, these braces are not fixed to the teeth. You remove them for cleaning and brushing your teeth, although only for very short periods as they should be worn for 24 hours a day. They are often used as part of a course of treatment and usually have delicate wires and springs attached, which move the teeth using gentle pressure. They can be used in the first stage of treatment prior to fixed appliances being fitted.

Ideally the appliance should be removed after eating, cleaned with a toothbrush and rinsed under cold running water. The appliance should also be removed before cleaning your teeth. Some patients choose to remove their appliances for contact sports, swimming and wind instrument playing. Whenever the appliance is removed ensure it is placed in a protective box. Appliance boxes are available for sale at the practice.

The appliance may be tight at first but this should resolve within 48 hours. If necessary a mild painkiller should relieve any problems. At first, you may experience space under the palate; excessive saliva in your mouth and difficulties swallowing but these problems will resolve quickly with wear. You should also expect initial eating and speaking difficulties, although your speech will return to normal quickly providing the appliance is worn as instructed. If your brace causes an obvious area of soreness, please ring for an appointment as soon as is reasonably possible.

Functional braces

Functional braces are used in growing children to reduce prominent teeth and improve facial appearance. Treatment usually consists of two removable appliances worn on the upper and lower teeth at the same time.

Can I eat normally?

Yes, you should be able to eat normally. It is important you keep the brace in whilst eating unless you are otherwise instructed. Although it may be difficult at first, eating with the brace in place will become easier with time. After each meal remove your brace and rinse it thoroughly.

What about tooth brushing?

It is important you brush thoroughly twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. If possible carry a brush with you for use after lunch. Take the brace out to clean your teeth and gently brush your brace, taking care not to damage the wires, before replacing it. Failure to keep your teeth and brace clean and a sugary diet can lead to permanent damage of the enamel surface of your teeth.

Can I remove the brace?

We will let you know when you should remove your brace. Please try very carefully not to repeatedly click the brace in and out with your tongue as this will loosen or break the wires and increase the length of time the treatment will take.

How long will treatment take?

It usually takes 6—12 months but varies from case to case. Failed and cancelled appointments or repeated breakages of the brace will increase the length of time the treatment will take and may lead to the treatment being discontinued.

How often will I need an appointment?

You will need regular appointments for the braces to be adjusted. Adjustments are usually made every 6 to 8 weeks.

Do I still need to see my regular dentist?

You must continue to have regular examinations with your dentist during orthodontic treatment so that your teeth can be checked for decay or other problems.

What do I do if I play contact sports?

You should wear a gum shield instead of your removable appliance when you play contact sports. When it is not in your mouth store the brace in a protective box.